Friday, June 10, 2011

My Wonderful Grandchildren!

Gramma Carol and Papa Gene are so blessed to have such sweet, darling grandchildren! The youngest two, our twins Natalie and Isaac, just had their 2 month check up!! Isaac has reached 7.10 lbs. and Natalie is 7.7 lbs. They are growing well and at a very similar rate! Both parents and children survived their first shots and are taking naps this afternoon!

I'm in the middle of spending a week with the twins and loving all the time to hold, rock, sing, change diapers, feed and help out in this busy household! You re-learn quickly to rest when the babies do and never attempt to do too many projects over too long a period all in one day!
1. Natalie raising her hands to "Praise Jesus" with Gramma!

2. Isaac smiling at his Daddy Caleb and his funny faces and songs!

3. Morning playtime with Gramma

My other set of grandchildren, Sanaa and Layla, are nearly 3 and just turned 1! Sanaa is a great big sister and loves to show Layla how to be creative! Layla is already walking and likes to explore and have command of her world! Papa Gene made them a double slide climber for their birthdays and they knew exactly what to do with it!

And Sanaa said it all when she patted Papa Gene on the back and told him:
"Good job, PaGene! Thank you!"
Thank you, Lord, for giving us wonderful boys that have grown up to be God-fearing men that married precious wives that are raising children in truly loving homes!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter with Sanaa and Layla Pond

Gramma Carol and Papa Gene had the pleasure of enjoying an Easter Egg hunt with our lovely granddaughters here in Dallas at our church on Saturday!

We also had a great time celebrating Easter together on Easter Sunday!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Natalie and Isaac Pond are 1 week old!

It is amazing how fast time flies by!! After waiting so long for the twins to be born, they are here and we are looking back to their arrival exactly a week ago this morning! We were driving to Arkansas as fast as we could and getting minute by minute updates as Caleb was also racing to the hospital from Fayetteville to try to make it on time to the birth of his babies!! How exciting when we got the text that the Grandparents Cheyne could hear the babies cries outside the doors to the delivery room! Gene had to drive all the way, so that I could manage the calls, texts and emails to friends, family and co-workers! Those two precious bundles changed so many lives in such a short matter of hours!

Although I already have two darling grand-daughters that I love dearly, it is like I have a brand new heart for these babies that is full of love and the desire to watch them grow! Grandparenting is an amazing invention by God. We got to spend from their birth day through Sunday with them, but, of course, that was not enough...Caleb and Sarah are good enough to text us pictures to help us to cope!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twins have arrived for Caleb and Sarah Pond!!

On April 6th at 6:30 and 6:31 am, Natalie Grace and Isaac Thomas came into the world to be the first two babies for Caleb and Sarah Pond and grandchildren number 3 & 4 for Gene and Carol!!!

Natalie Grace. 5.14 lb. 19 "

Isaac Thomas. 5.5 lb. 18.5"

Everyone is doing great and we are passing them around between Grandparents Pond and Cheyne and Aunt Leslie and Uncle Ian Cheyne!! They are very petite and very sweet and sleep when swaddled!!